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About IQ Innovations

Who are IQ Innovations?

IQ Innovations is more than the products it sells, we are about creating opportunity for anyone who understands the need for LED and security products, We have good ideas, we love to solve problems. More than anything we like opportunities to explore, learn and create new products. That is how IQ innovations was created.

Our main product line the “NightWatcher” will bring some new innovation to Australian market. With the popular NW760 giving consumers access to a well diversified, simple and effective security product that’s is affordable. We also have new innovations coming soon that will be new to the Australian market. Watch this space.

What We Do?

  • We design, manufacture and distribute LED products
  • We sell to the distributors
  • Offer our products direct to consumers
  • We solve problems that occur in technology
  • We work with innovative and savvy entrepreneurs
  • We are open to ideas and concepts
  • We import products from China
Nightwatcher Pro Wi-Fi Model-Black