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IQ Innovations FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions for all Products

What does the button do underneath?
The button underneath switches the device from day mode (green) to night mode (red). If the button is held for 5 second it will disable motion, but the device will still record and light up. It just won’t move when motion occurs.

My device doesn’t function in a normal manner and lights up randomly?
Switch off your device from circuit breaker. Leave for 10 seconds. Switch back on. If problems persists take video s of the issue with your smart phone or a camera and submit a query to support.

Is my device water proof?
Yes your device is water proof with IP55 rating. It is recommended to have the device under a roof or eve but they will withstand outdoor weather. If you’re unsure please review IP55 rating and its definition.  Check website here:

What height is recommend to mount my light?
Please refer to the Instruction Manual. Recommended height for installation is 6-8ft (1.8-2.5m). If the light is mounted too high then the range/ distance for the motion sensor to activate will increase. Refer to instruction manual for more details on mounting height and motion range.

I have a fault with my product, it is under 12 months old what do I do?
Submit a support request from the contact form. The support team will review your request and the fault occurring. You will then be contacted regarding the issue at hand and advised if problem is in accordance to the terms and conditions or is an actual genuine fault. If you light is within 12 months then you will be advised of the warranty process. Products that are older than 12 months from original purchase date will not be covered under Warranty.

My light doesn’t seem to follow objects like it should?
Certain limitations are explained in the Terms and Conditions. There are few reasons why this can occur. Ambient temperature can cause the sensor to become less sensitive as it is PIR technology. The light can only follow one item at a time. Condensation or moisture on the lenses can also have an effect on the sensitivity and functionality of the light. If you are sure that your light is not functioning correctly, submit a support request and the support team will respond to your problem.

Can the range of the motion sensor be adjusted?
No the range can not be adjusted. The range also depends on the height at which the light is mounted. PIR has a distance range of up to 15 metres. The PIR will detect heat and motion within this range but as the PIR direction is horizontal, the range can depends on the height of the device when installed.

My light head seems to be slow to following motion?
There is a slight delay from when the light detects motion and when the light head moves to follow motion. This is also in combination with the light head moving at certain speed. As the light turns the camera footage also becomes blurred. it has been set at the speed that it is so there is balance to following motion while keeping some acceptable footage. If the light head was to turn any faster then the camera footage would be even more blurred at the light head would move. These limitations are mention in the terms and conditions.

Is there any lightning protection in my device to prevent power surge?
Yes there is small level of protection built into the circuitry of the every NightWatcher. However there is no protection available for a large power surge or direct lightning strikes. Warranty does not cover for Power surges or Lightning strikes.

What do I do if the unit does not functions correctly?
If the light is behaving erratically, please do not attempt to move the light head manually. This will damage the motor and invalidate the warranty. Firstly, carefully wipe away any moisture or dust covering the PIR panel at the bottom of the light. We then we recommend  turning off the mains power to the unit for 10 seconds, to re calibrate the unit. The light should then restart by the moving to the center and the light will come on and turn off after approximately 30 seconds. If problems persist please submit a support request.

Deliveries / Returns / Warranty Questions

How much does shipping cost? Shipping costs vary depending on quantity of goods, the size and weight of the packaging and the area code being delivered. Prices will be shown as you are ready to complete order in check out page.

When will my order be dispatched? Depending on demand, if you place your order before 3pm (AEDT) on a business day, we can usually get it out the same day. If it’s after 3pm (AEDT), it’ll go the next business day. When there is high demand, meaning high volume of orders in a short amount of time orders can take up to 1-2 days to process during these high demand periods. Orders are not processed during weekends, public holidays and any Australia Post holiday.

Can I track my order?
Absolutely! In your shipping confirmation email there’ll be a unique tracking code that you can enter on the StarTrack website. You might need to give StarTrack approximately 24 hours for the tracking information to appear on their website.

How long will it take to receive my order?
If your order was shipped via Express Post (Air Freight), it will generally be delivered within 1-3 business days.  This is provided you are within the Express Post serviced area.  Regular Post (Road Freight) takes a bit longer and delivery times can vary. Generally regular post takes between 5-10 days.

My package isn’t here yet.  What’s going on?
First up, use your connote number to track your parcel. You’ll find your tracking code in the shipping confirmation email.If things aren’t making sense in the tracking, we’re happy to help out. That said, due to restrictions with the courier, we can’t get any answers until the package is late. So if your package is late, submit a support ticket, be sure to include your name, order number, tracking number and contact information so we can find out what’s going on for you.

Does my order need to be signed for when it’s delivered?
Yes generally delivery courier will make the person receiving sign their PDA. We do not offer customers an option for secured delivery. Items are sent via Star Track Express and only have standard air express or road freight options. We recommend you use the tracking number that is emailed to you to keep an eye on your item to ensure you receive it.

I placed an order but didn’t receive confirmation.  Where’d it go?
There are a few possible reasons why you might not have received a confirmation email after placing an order:
– Check your junk email, it’s sometimes hiding in there.
– If you have two email accounts, make sure you’re checking the right one.
– If you’ve double checked those things and still don’t have a confirmation email, please submit a support ticket and we will manually make sure your order was submitted successfully.

My product/s was/were damaged in transit, what do I do?
Oh no! Damaged parcels are the worst. We’d be happy to sort this out for you, but here’s the important part: if you receive damaged goods do not throw them away!  If it’s possible, snap a photo of the damage and submit a support ticket. We can then arrange to replace or swap the items, and will organise for you to return the damaged items back to us.

My Device isn’t performing the way I expected it too, I want a refund. How do I do that?
All details referring to products performance / limitations are listed in the terms and conditions that customers agree too before they can purchase. Along with a secondary agreement that they have viewed all support material and videos on the website and that they agree the product meets their expectations. Unfortunately we do not give refunds for performance/ limitation issues relating to terms and conditions. The item must be faulty for a replacement or refund to be arranged. If you suspect that the item is in fact faulty then submit a support ticket and the support team will follow up on this problem to determine if in fact it is a fault or a limitation set out in terms and conditions. If product if found to be faulty, then support team will advise on how a warranty claim will be processed.

What is covered with my 12 Month Warranty?
IQ Innovations will cover all genuine faults with our products providing the issues are not listed within the Terms and Conditions as limitation of product within the 12 Month Period of purchase date.

What is not covered within 12 Month Warranty?
IQ Innovations will not cover any costs associated with the replacement or installation of a replacement product. We advise all customers to review all information about the product of interest within our website and read all information is contained within the Terms and Conditions before making their purchase.

NW 760

I have installed my device but it doesn’t seem to be allowing me to connect to my WiFi network?
Your device must have a strong  WiFi signal in the location it is installed. Refer to WiFi survey guide and videos on the support page.  If you have a good WiFi signal, refer to the WiFi setup in the user guide manual. There can be delay of device syncing with server, sometimes it takes a few tries to get device connected within the APP.  If  device does not show up in APP after trying the normal way, you can follow the manual procedure by scanning the QR code on side of the device. If that fails then try to log out of the APP profile and log back in and go through process again. Alternatively you can create new APP profile and try to add device from new. If problems persist please submit a support query and our support team will try to resolve your issue.

How do I un-register the device once it has been registered to user profile in the mobile app? By deleting the device out of the mobile app should de-register and allow you to add it to new user name. If unsure submit a support ticket.

What happens if there is a new modem installed at a later time?
If a new modem / router is installed at later date. You will need to connect your iPhone to the new WiFi network. Then run through the WiFi setup on the device. Just press the reset button, don’t delete the device from your APP profile. This could create other problems. If your device doesn’t connect try connect manually (follow the instructions in the manual). If you still have problems logout of your profile and log back in or create new APP profile and add the device from new. If unable to make it work submit a support request and the support team will be able to resolve the problem

Can I install my light without a WiFi connection?
Yes you can install, but it will not record any footage until it has been connected to the APP first. As Motion Detect time and Time Zone settings need to be set first. Installers can hotspot their phone or use another device to temporarily connect the NW760 to allow connection to profile within the APP to setup and configure. Once WiFi is taken away device will record as per settings. How ever to view footage user will need to remove SD card and place into computer.

Will my light still work if WiFi drops out?
If your light was connected and configured prior to WiFi dropping it will still operate and record like normal. You just wont be able to view footage on your phone until WiFi is re-connected.

How can I view how much storage is left on my SD card?
It is not possible to view amount of storage available.

What happens when the SD card becomes full?
The device will continue to record over the footage. If you wish for longer recording, you can change your home guard time frames or insert a higher capacity SD storage card.

Can I save the footage recorded to the SD card to my phone?
No you can not. You must replay footage from History Footage recordings and record those replays to then email them out. Snap shots can be saved to the phone direct. However you must manually record your own footage and email out, or take screen shots and save those to your phone or send via email from the app.

Is it possible to view the footage outside of the app?
No it is no longer possible. The option to view Footage outside of the APP via has been removed and disabled. View Footage is only possible now through the IQ Nightwatcher APP.

Can I record footage to my phone?
No you can not, but you can record through the APP and send footage via email. There is a record button in the APP menu to record live footage as you are looking at it. You can also do the same for still shot or screen shots. How ever you must send footage via email. It will not save to the phone. This method is being modified in future updates.

How do I get footage out of  History Footage in the app and onto a computer?
There is only one way to get the footage out of the NW760. The NW760 requires users to use the APP for footage retrieval. At the moment there is only one way to retrieve footage from History Footage via the APP. Open the event in History Footage that you wish to view and retrieve. As soon as the footage starts to re-play you must press the record button below it to re-record it. Once recorded press record button again to stop recording. It will then give you the option to email the footage. This method of retrieval will change in future APP updates.

Can I play recording off the SD directly to Computer or Laptop?
You can remove the SD card and copy all recordings to laptop. How ever to play them you will need to download the Codec Player (found in downloads section) to be able to view files. You can also download the converter software to convert files to a format of your choosing.

How do I activate the sound feature on the device?
Please refer to the instruction manual to activate the audio features on the NW light.

How do I adjust time settings in the App?
You can change time under device settings. Be sure to check Motion detect time and Time Zone settings.

Can I connect the NW760 to the APP without an internet connection?
No you cannot. Even if you have WiFi connection from you Modem / Router, The NW 760 still requires and internet connection to be active and working for a user to connect the device. The NW 760 uses P2P configuration and The APP requires and Internet connection for it to connect the two. If the internet drops out once you have been connected your device will also become unavailable. An Internet connection is required for any viewing on you phone device. The Night watcher will still continue to record and function as normal.

Does the NightWatcher stop recording if the internet drops out?
No the NW 760 will continue to perform as normal if the internet drops out. It just means users can not view footage until internet becomes active. However the NW760 has to be linked to an APP profile with motion detect time and time zone settings set before it will do any recording. Once it has been linked into the APP then it will record if Wifi or internet drops out.

My camera footage on NW760 seems to be very grainy and blurry at night?
Depending on how much light is available in the environment surrounding your device, sometimes the footage can be blurry and grainy. The camera is not a infrared (IR camera) so it needs light to be able to see images clearly at night. The more light the better the footage.  For more information please review footage videos which are available here:

Can the footage be recorded off site?
There is a cloud service being developed to allow off site recording. Currently still in development. TBA


What does the red light mean when it is flashing?
It means the light is active but in standby by mode. It’s to allow the customer to know that the light is on and ready. It is used as indicator. If there was no red light then users wouldn’t be able to determine if the light was active or not.

Can I add more lights on the same app?
Yes you can. But it is recommended that you change the name of each sensor light as you add them. By default they all have the same name. So changing the name will prevent conflict while trying to connect. Suggest keeping same password for all lights if you choose too.

I’ve forgotten my password, how can I reset it?
Please refer to the manual for hard reset.

We have more than one phone in the house connected to the IQ Smart Light, but it won’t function?
Only one phone can connect to the IQ smart light at one time. Just like other blue tooth devices only one connection is possible.

Does the time and date need to be set for the unit to record?
Yes, the unit will not record until they are set, see below.