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IQ Innovations Security Light Products

Wi-Fi Survey Procedure

This Wi-Fi survey for users and installers to help determine their Wi-Fi signal strength. It will allow the user or installer to identify if they need to increase their Wi-Fi WLAN signal within their home or building. Important to know this for remote viewing to work correctly.

Installation of 760 with voice

This Video give brief overview of how Wi-Fi survey can be done and image of end result. Please view Wi-Fi Survey procedure to get more details about conducting the Wi-Fi Survey.


Installation tips:

For Installers needing to run external conduit or need extra space for mounting, the installer can purchase the following items from a Electrical wholesaler.

Mounting block:
120X120X28mm White part no. – CLI-448-WE
120X120X38mm Black  part no.  – HPM 149BK

Blanking plate to match mounting block. White only (black not available): part no – CLI 31/2VX-WE

Wi-fi Extender Installation Video

For increasing Wi-fi signal range: suggestion to use Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-M as a wireless extension or access point device. Works indoor and outdoor. For more information follow the link.

Another great solution for increasing Wi-fi signal range is to use the TPLINK AV500 Power Line product. Allows data signal to be sent over power cables allowing installers to connect devices without having to run new cables.

Connect Device to IQ Nightwatcher APP

Some step by step instructions to help users and installers connect the NW760 to the IQ Nightwatcher APP and Wifi signal