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Wifi Survey Procedure

This Wi-Fi survey for users and installers to help determine their Wi-Fi signal strength. It will allow the user or installer to identify if they need to increase their Wi-Fi WLAN signal within their home or building. Important to know this for remote viewing to work correctly.

Mobile Apps Wi-Fi Survey:

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Download the Telstra Home Dashboard APP Follow through the steps to the login screen.


You if have a Telstra login you can login, otherwise you can press skip to go to home menu screen.


Once in home menu screen press on the Wi-Fi Health button. Be Sure to add your phone to the Wifi Network.


Before you can perform Wifi Survey you need to follow the steps. The run speed test needs to be performed to be able to map wifi and do the survey.


Go through the Wifi speed test steps.


Continue through the Speed test steps.


Once test is completed press back button to go to Home menu screen.


Now Speed test has been performed, you will be able to now perform survey with the Map Wi-Fi feature. Scroll down on Home men screen and press on Map My Wi-Fi.


Follow the steps to perform the Wifi Survey. Create of open an existing plan.


If you have a photo of your floor plan you can upload it. Or just draw your floor Plan Manually.


Draw your Floor plan that you wish to survey.


After Floor plan created follow the steps to continue.


Give your floor plan a name or just save default name.


Follow the steps to continue.


Once gateway or access point or extender has been selected continue to add in the survey points.


Walk around the Home or building and press the spots that relate to the floor plan to get Wi-Fi measurements.


Continue to walk around and press in new locations.


Once all areas have been selected. You will get a heat map of strong and weak signals.


It what it looks like once survey is completed. This is where you will see if the location of the NW 760 will be in green, orange or red zone. It will then allow you to determine if you need to increase your Wi-Fi signal.


Survey completed. You can now determine if you require to increase Wi-Fi Signal.